Student Works Painting

It was with excitement and gratitude that my husband and I accepted the offer of using our residence as a “training house” for Student Works Painting. We met with the District Manager, Thomas Cobleigh, who walked us through the project details. Thomas was very good with answering any questions leading up to the weekend and responded quickly to any concerns we had. A training house involves franchisees and their crews learning safety, time management, job allocation, and of course painting.

The weekend arrived with a sunny forecast and at 7:45 AM the young people began to arrive. Our lawn was soon covered with 25 students ready and willing to get to work. We found the students friendly, courteous, enthusiastic, and respectful. All the students were careful at whatever job they had been assigned, and we appreciated their focus at doing a good job. They were supervised closely with paint spots being cleaned up, touch up and areas needing special attention reviewed. Some individuals without being directed, took extra care with small details, which we noticed and appreciated.

The students were very aware of keeping their mess at a minimum. The end of the weekend was organized and all mess, garbage, and recycling were taken care of.
We are pleased with the end result. Our house looks clean and renewed. We unreservedly recommend using Student Works Painters for your next painting project.

Gill and Steve Chater

5171 Polson Terrace

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