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Commercial Painting

Do you need an office building, restaurant, church or other community building painted? Consider the advantage of saving money by hiring a team of competent, energetic college and university students.

Student Works was founded with the idea of giving businesses affordable painting jobs while providing college students the opportunity to pay for their education through summer employment.

Student Works is a business you can trust. Through us, you will have access to skilled and dedicated commercial painters who are as thorough as any professional painters in the industry. Just check out our projects page for examples of the improvements we have made to businesses around the community.

Meet Your Needs through Our Comprehensive Painting Process

Whether you need an indoor or outdoor paint job for your commercial building, our team has a thorough process to ensure you get our best work. Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Survey the job site and assess needs
  • Prepare the surface to be painted
  • Spot prime needed areas
  • Paint or stain the surface
  • Clean up the site
  • Review the completed job

The timing depends on the size of your project, but expect our painters to do a high quality job in the shortest amount of time possible and on consecutive days (weekends or overnight if need be) so there will be little to no inconvenience for your business.

Count on Our Quality

Our painters pay close attention to every detail. To ensure that your property looks as professional as possible, they use the following techniques to prepare the surface:

  • Power Washing: This process removes dirt, mildew, and failing paint
  • Scraping: All areas of excess failing paint receive a full scrape
  • Sanding: All areas where paint has peeled receive a feather sand to prevent moisture penetration and improve final appearance of your home
  • Priming: We’ll coat the area with primer to prepare it for its first coat of paint.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, so we’ll always follow each of these steps. Your home will look fantastic after our Calgary, Vancouver, or any of our house painters have finished. You will be provided with Daily Progress Reports and Full Daily Cleanup.

Not Sure? No problem. Before we start painting the interior or exterior of your home, StudentWorks Painting sends one of our experts to give you an estimate on your paint job.

Our Franchisees have experience to provide an accurate estimate

3 Year Guarantee Professional Painting Services

Your satisfaction with both our quality of service and our quality of work is not only important to us but is also part of our business model. Student Works Painting guarantees paint and labour on all projects for a term of three years from date of completion.

In addition to the Student Works guarantee, we use many products that carry guarantees in their own right. These material guarantees can cover you for up to 15 years. Ask your Operator for details on these products. Learn More About Our Guarantee

Professional Painting Services Across Western Canada


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Professional Painting Team

Job looks great, helpful with colour choices
28005 Mctavish Abbotsford

Makes sure Job is Done Right

Energetic, motivated, hard working – making sure the job gets done right
35081 Panorama Dr Abbotsford

Communicated Very Well

We never felt our wishes fell on deaf ears
20 Darrach Bay Brandon

Respectful, Professional and Efficient

Accurate appraisal and product reviews, reasonable cost
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Very High Quality

Respect of Personal Belongings, Daily Cleanup was Wonderful
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