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Student Works is in the business of providing Professional Painting Services in
British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Student Works Painting:
offers the best painting value available today
has tens of thousands of satisfied clients to vouch for us
has clients in your home town
in business since 1991, so we’ll be here tomorrow
unbeatable guarantee
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Since 1991, thousands of motivated university and college students take up the challenge of a summer under the Student Works Painting umbrella.

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Business of Creating Leaders
Best Students Across Canada
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Student Works Painting Guarantee

3 year Guarantee

3 Year Guarantee

Your satisfaction with both our quality of service and our quality of work is not only important to us but is also part of our business model. Student Works Painting guarantees all projects for a term of three years from date of completion.

In addition to the Student Works guarantee, we use many products that carry guarantees in their own right. These material guarantees can cover you for up to 15 years. Ask your Operator for details on these products. Learn More

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