Student Works Painting has the following testimonials from painting projects within the Chilliwack BC area. We might have even have past painting projects on your street. Call us to find out!

“We recently purchased a large 20’X10’X8’ steel shipping container that we painted to match the trim on our house in Chilliwack. We have used Student Works Painting before, so when Sara called to inquire if we had anything that needed painting this year we jumped at the opportunity.”
Cindy Pelletier & Mike Cusworth

“I receive an impressive flyer from Kirstie Boucher of Student Works Painting of Chilliwack offering a free estimate for painting. My house required substantial prep work. There were rainy days (and mosquitoes) but the work never faulted or suffered in quality. Two neighbors on my street were so impressed with what they saw that it drew their interest to do likewise.”
Diane E.M Davidson-Bastien

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