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There are two ways for students to participate in the success of Student Works. Students can choose to paint for a summer or actually run a Student Works business that employees other students. Each provides a different experience and perspective of the painting business. Depending upon the experience that you want and the level of commitment you have, Student Works Painting has a role for you.

At the painting level students can take on the role of painter or crew chief. This level of participation is focused on the delivery of service (painting) and customer interaction. As a student, the work is summer based and aligns with your need to work between university or college terms.

Mission Statement

To provide students with an excellent learning and earning experience that will benefit them through their lives at the same time as providing clients with a quality of service that is second to none in the painting industry.


Both rookie and veteran painters are needed to be a part of our successful student painting teams. You’ll get a suntan, stay in shape and make money. Usually compensation works out to anywhere between minimum wage and $15.00.

You can increase your effective wage rate through taking advantage of the SWP piece rate system. Ask your potential Owner / Operator for more details. Weather permitting, we use a 40 hour work week.

You will learn many valuable skills including:

To apply for a painter position, please complete the online Summer Application Form.

Crew Chief

Crew Leaders provide basic leadership and are the on-the-job supervisors.

Compensation is typically better than that of a painter. Access to a vehicle and painting experience are essential. You’ll be the front line between the manager and the client.

To apply for a crew chief position, complete the online Summer Application Form.

For summer jobs in Eastern Canada

Note to Painters and Crew Chiefs:
No experience is necessary for exterior or interior painting positions (various levels of training are involved).


As an Owner / Operator, you will gain valuable experience on operating your own business following a tried and true method developed by Student Works Painting. You will be exposed to all aspects of running a business including; recruiting, market, selling and managing paint jobs. This level of participation requires a higher level of commitment on your part. More details on Running Your Own Business.

3 year Guarantee

3 Year Guarantee

Your satisfaction with both our quality of service and our quality of work is not only important to us but is also part of our business model. Student Works Painting guarantees all projects for a term of three years from date of completion.

In addition to the Student Works guarantee, we use many products that carry guarantees in their own right. These material guarantees can cover you for up to 15 years. Ask your Operator for details on these products. Learn More

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